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3 Reasons To Compare Your Car Insurance Rates

1. Price:
No one company is the best 'fit' for every situation.  In fact, different companies target different variables for pricing.  We've found that by shopping many companies we often can find a better fit.

2. Coverage:
If you're like many people, you just pay the insurance bill when it comes in.  Many times we find that the coverage you think you have is not what you actually have.  If you have an accident and you don't have enough coverage, you become personally liable for the difference.  We will help you evaluate your needs to choose the coverages that are best for you.

3. Things Change: 

Companies change rates and discounts frequently, so even if you compared recently the rates may have changed. 
Your situation has changed such as violations or claims, or  changes in home ownership or education level that may afford discounts with certain companies.

What was a good deal last year
may not be such a good deal now!!!